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MIDI real-time Harmonizer Version 3
Pricing (ex VAT): € 29,95

mac with mh

Mac: PPC or Intel running OS X 10.4.11 or later, and 1 GB RAM
PC: Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 machine and 1 GB RAM

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MIDI real-time Harmonizer V3 features:
- based on Cycling74 Max platform 5.1.9 (run-time version included)
- individual notes can trigger chords containing up to 4 notes
- all 4-note chords can be programmed individually (8 per preset) to prevent parallel and static harmonics and create contra-motion harmonics
- possibility to offset MIDI note velocity (negative) of 2nd to 4th note in chord

- highest note in triggered chord can be a different note than input note

- 8 chords in a preset can be triggered (through playing/generating a note) sequentially or at random
- force/harmonize programmable chords to fit within a certain key/scale including tensions

- overall bypass as well as key/scale forcing/harmonizing can be switched on/off with programmable MIDI cc messages
- harmonizer key can be set
- harmonizer primairy scales include major, minor and dominant
- harmonizer tensions include lowered/raised 5th, major 7th, lowered/raised 9th and raised 11th
- 12 key switches with any key/scale including tensions can be programmed within each preset

- real-time switching of key/scale using key switches in lower keyboard area (keyswitch splitpoint can be set below C0, C1, C2 or C3)

- real-time switching of key/scale by using chromatic above/below approach while playing (e.g. playing f#,e,f or e,f#,f in a solo line can be used to switch to key/scale programmed for F)

- ability to set MIDI in port and output port
- ability to set a separate MIDI output channel for each individual note of the 4-note chord

- ability to save 128 presets (8 presets in 16 banks)
- MIDI program change recognition


Download Graphical MIDI Monitor


Graphical MIDI Monitor V2.00
Free download

mac with gmmV2
Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo processor
Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB RAM recommended



Graphical MIDI Monitor V2 features:
- based on Cycling74 Max platform 8.0.2 (run-time version included)
- all MIDI information made visible on keyboard keys, moving sliders and flashing LED's
- shows all MIDI note, aftertouch, poly pressure, pitch bend, modulation, breath control, volume, sustain peadal and other controller messages graphically
- generate MIDI note, aftertouch, poly pressure, pitch bend, modulation, breath control, volume, sustain peadal and other controller messages by pulling sliders
- ability to set MIDI in ports, output ports and output channel

- keyboard keys can be clicked on screen to generate MIDI notes
- all incoming MIDI channel messages are send through to MIDI ouput port