Analog has come full circle

The pace at which new electronic musical instruments are being introduced is increasing year by year.  The development and production time for new synthesizers seems to be decreasing constantly leading not only to ever increasing number of software-based synthesizer plugins but also to a constant introduction of new hardware synthesizers in different variations and combinations. Although, should we say new?

At the NAMM 2015, the largest music production industry show, analog synthesis has come full circle again. In the 70s manufacturers like Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits and Oberheim introduced their first analog mono and poly synthesizers. During the 80s new digital synthesizers were being introduced leading to an almost complete disappearance of mentioned manufacturers. Later on software synthesizers became the new thing. But now analog is completely back again! It's the vintage sound, the knob tweaking for instant sound creation and the looks (wooden sidepanels) that make them special. Old heroes never die!

So Moog decided to bring back it's Moog Modular synths, Korg introduced the all analog ARP Odyssey with the help of former ARP co-founder and lead designer David Friend, Dave Smith acquired the old Sequential name back from Yamaha to introduce the all analog Prophet 6 and Tom Oberheim is back into business with his Two Voice Pro synth. Analog is back again!

Moog Modular

ARP Odyssey


Oberheim TwoVoice 861

What to expect next: A Memorymoog, ARP Chroma, Prophet 12 VS, or Oberheim OB-4?

About me

I like music, especially making music. I listen to a lot of different stuff, but I like soul, jazz and fusion music most. I like to develop and experiment with tools to make music performance and improvisation on the spot more exciting. It is fun when unexpected musical things happen during a performance!

In recent years I developed the MIDI real-time Harmonizer, a tool for generating harmonized chords when playing a solo line. Inspired by the work of saxophonist Michael Brecker, I started to develop this tool to run on Mac and PC. Brecker played the Electronic Wind Instrument and used the Oberheim Xpander synth to generate random chords from an EWI solo line. Now you can accomplish the same thing with the MIDI real-time Harmonizer driving your own favourite (plugin) synths.

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