MIDI Harmonizer overview

EWI4000During the beginning of 2010 I started developing a MIDI real-time harmonizer. I always wanted to experiment with generating additional and unexpected notes during live performance. Influenced by saxophonist and EWI player Michael Brecker, I came up with the MIDI harmonizer. Basically, the MIDI harmoniser will take an input note via MIDI and will generate a 4-note chord as MIDI output. In the MIDI harmoniser you can program 8 different chords that will be played one at a time, each time you play a note. In later versions I have added the possibility to harmonize these chords to specific keys/scales.
The MIDI harmonizer is a stand-alone application that can run both on Mac as well as on PC. Under the hood, the MIDI harmonizer is based on the Max platform of Cycling74. Typically the MIDI harmoniser can be used both in the studio running on your favorite Digital Audio Workstation, as well as on stage running on a PC or Mac. It will sit between the input MIDI signal coming from your instrument and the MIDI output signal going to your synthesizer or plug-in instrument. The MIDI input and output signals can be real physical MIDI ports as well as virtual ports within your computer. Physical ports are used for real physical MIDI inputs coming from your keyboard or wind controller. Physical outputs could be used to drive external synthesizers for example. Virtual ports are used to route the MIDI signal to other applications running on your computer like Pro Tools, Logic or Live.

About me

I like music, especially making music. I listen to a lot of different stuff, but I like soul, jazz and fusion music most. I like to develop and experiment with tools to make music performance and improvisation on the spot more exciting. It is fun when unexpected musical things happen during a performance!

In recent years I developed the MIDI real-time Harmonizer, a tool for generating harmonized chords when playing a solo line. Inspired by the work of saxophonist Michael Brecker, I started to develop this tool to run on Mac and PC. Brecker played the Electronic Wind Instrument and used the Oberheim Xpander synth to generate random chords from an EWI solo line. Now you can accomplish the same thing with the MIDI real-time Harmonizer driving your own favourite (plugin) synths.

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