MIDI real-time Harmonizer version 3 coming up


Since the release of version 2 of the MIDI Harmonizer, I got a lot of requests from many users, in particular EWI players. Since then I've been working to include all kinds of new features into the MIDI Harmonizer. During the coming months I will release version 3, which I'm testing at the moment. Apart from a number of new functions and MIDI cc functions, the most exciting to me are the forcing of non-harmonic notes to fit into selected scales as well as the possibility to set the MIDI channel for each individual note in the 4-note harmonized chord. Read more...

Thusfar only harmonized chords triggered by a harmonic note (i.e. a note fitting into the selected scale) could be harmonized to fit the selected scale. Non-harmonic notes were treated as passing notes and the corresponding chord was not harmonized. In version 3 you can now selected whether or not you want the non-harmonic note/chord to be harmonized/forced into the selected scale. If you select non-harmonic forcing, you can play whatever you want, the result will always fit into the selected scale. Good for fast licks that need to stay in a certain scale!

In version 3 you can have each individual note of the triggered 4-note chord to be send out on any particular MIDI channel. This allows some nice setups like the lowest note playing a bass guitar sound, the two middle notes playing some pad sound, and the highest note palying a lead sound.

I'm testing version 3 at the moment, both with Apple Logic as well as Ableton Live. Existing version 2 users can request a test version to try it out, and will receive version 3 automatically when released.

About me

I like music, especially making music. I listen to a lot of different stuff, but I like soul, jazz and fusion music most. I like to develop and experiment with tools to make music performance and improvisation on the spot more exciting. It is fun when unexpected musical things happen during a performance!

In recent years I developed the MIDI real-time Harmonizer, a tool for generating harmonized chords when playing a solo line. Inspired by the work of saxophonist Michael Brecker, I started to develop this tool to run on Mac and PC. Brecker played the Electronic Wind Instrument and used the Oberheim Xpander synth to generate random chords from an EWI solo line. Now you can accomplish the same thing with the MIDI real-time Harmonizer driving your own favourite (plugin) synths.

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