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    The MIDI Harmonizer

    Questions about the midi harmonizer?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The MIDI Harmonizer is an application that can be used to generate additional harmonized notes in real-time on top of notes played on a keyboard or EWI instrument. It uses an input MIDI signal to generate these additional notes, and these notes are then send out via MIDI as well.

    The MIDI Harmonizer does not generate any audio sound on its own. However, the output MIDI signal can be used to generate sound on any hardware or software synthesizer of your own choice.

    Yes, MIDI Harmonizer can work with any Digital Audio Workstation software including e.g. Apple Logic, Apple MainStage as well as Ableton Live. It is not a VST or a AU plugin, it is a standalone app running in parallel with your DAW. It can either be sitting in between your instrument and the DAW, or it can be used as an external MIDI instrument within the DAW feeding it’s MIDI output back into your DAW again.

    any issues with the midi harmonizer?

    Installation issues

    Sometimes the MIDI Harmonizer for Mac does not run after copying the file to the applications folder. Starting up the application will then give a message like “MIDI is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash”. This is a message from the Mac Gatekeeper system. It prevents the app from running due to app signing problems.
    In the documentation you will find a separate file called “Open apps on Mac from 3rd parties.pdf“. In this document you can read how to fix this.